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May 5, 2015

The MET - China: Through the Looking Glass.

SJP waring custom H&M and an INCREDIBLE Headpiece by Philp Treacy 
You can see it in it's full 360° glory HERE 

Rihhana wearing the work of art of Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei that took her about two years to make this incredible handmade rope. 

Queen B in Givenchy  Rhinestones 

Vanessa Hudgens waring an impressive H&M dress, I wish I could enter to H&M wearing my distressed jeans and leaving with a proper Met Gala gown! 

Bee Shaffer in Alexander MCQueen. 

Diane Kruger in a Chanel Haute Couture two piece gown. 

Emily Rata super sensual as always wearing custom Topshop 

Gigi Hadid in a deserved Chinese red dress by  Diane Von Furstenberg 

Irina Shayk in Topshop 

Emily Blunt waring Prada

Kendall Jenner as a Calvin Klein mermaid 
If you where looking for a serios side bob inspiration I bet this dress left you with no need to search for more, I mean it's everything! 

Selena Gomez in Vera Wang, also wearing very feminine and delightful flower headpiece 

Zendaya Coleman in Fausto Puglisi 

Overall I really enjoyed this year Met's fashion, first of all the theme was perfect the tricky name made some of the dresses really "thought looking" (Hey Beyoncé, JLo and Kim K) which was very fun to observe and there where some more traditional Chinese looks that I loved starting off with SJP very talked about it headpiece that in my humble opinion stole the show! And I need to make a special mention to Bee's dress that I completely adore it's such a nice and peaceful work of art to see with all the embroiled details. 

I can't wait to see what's next for the Met 2016. 

February 3, 2015


I know it's been a LONG time, almost 4 months and I really don't have an excuse rather than my camera was stolen in the summer (I got a new one in December), and hey I am now a University student and what else... hmm last weekend I went to Phoenix to "see" the Super Bowl and I said "see" because we actually didn't enter to the game we saw the game infant of the stadium in Glendale mall which was still very cool, and let me tell you that I actually saw the Katy Perry fireworks!

September 30, 2014

Elie Saab Ss 15

Another Elie Saab show, another amazing show. Does it ever happen to you, than when you love so much something or someone, you just like everything they do? 
Because I am about to get honest, this wasn't my favorite collection of PFW neither my favorite form Saab's collections, but I love it, I think is because the respect and admiration that I have for him and his designs that I always find my self impressed with his fashion shows, and If I have the pick my favorite gown from this season collection it would be the first pastel blue dress, I mean the color is lovely and it has Saab's emblematic beaded work.

Maricruz xx