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October 31, 2012

"Del Rey"

I Prefer flowers in my head, than diamonds in my neck.

Revlon: Indigo Night

This is my attempt to Lana's look, and I just feel that I need to say that I really enjoy wearing flowers on my head I should try this look more often! xx!

October 29, 2012

"YSL and GAGA"


I have been craving for more red-burgundy-strong lip shades it's like an obsession, and also for the Lady Gaga's perfume the bottle looks very cool and also it smells very nice and interesting!

Lip Shades: Noir // More!

Maricruz xx

October 24, 2012


No more Pain(Math), please

Hello! This week and the next week it's going to be very stressful because of school (thank you teachers), but anyway, who doesn't get happy with a fun outfit,  I feel like a need some extra spice today for cheer up my mod :)!
And I need to say that the thing that I like the most it's the black sweater, it's super comfy and chic and very very versatile and I can paired with sooo many things!

Leggings: Forever 21// Sweater: Forever 21// Booties: Old Navy // Jewelry// Charlotte Russe

Maricruz xx

October 21, 2012

"Basic but not Flat"

When I see a "Basic" outfit I can think two things: wow it's awesome or amm it's too flat, I am not an expert in the chic-simply style but I actually really like it when the look have a little twist with something that highlights it like in this case a pair of animal print shoes and a flower bag! Maybe someday I will be prepare to carry that very very basic and simple look :) 

BAG: ALDO //Shoes:(here) // Blouse: Forever 21 (old)

Maricruz xx

October 18, 2012

"Too much of NYC"

I need to confess that I love Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City it's kind of my guilty pleasure, I am obsessed with the series I am watching all the seasons since season one  (1998!), And now I think that I am in NYC and have a life like that ... Well maybe I should just pretend and be happy :) !

And also one of my biggest dreams is to visit/live in NYC I think that I belong there, I don't know why but I feel it !

Loving the necklace above, I got it from Ebay, very nice deal.

I just love to add color into a simple outfit with colorful heels! 
And bold jewelry.

Tengo que confesar que me encanta Sarah Jessica Parker en Sex and the City es una especie de placer culpable, estoy obsesionado con la serie que estoy viendo todas las temporadas desde la primera temporada (1998!), Y ahora creo que estoy en Nueva York y que una vida así ... Bueno, tal vez  debería por un ratito  fingir y ser feliz :)

Sweater: Abercrombie // Shoes: Charlotte Russe// Necklace: Lily Wang // Lips: Revlon lip butter in Red Velvet.

Maricruz xx

October 11, 2012

"White but Colorful"

I am not a Bracelets  girl just because I don't have so many but the story is that all these bracelets are from a company of my school and they gave me some pieces for try them! And I just love it how they look very very fun and fresh!

Creo que no me he catalogado como una persona que siempre trae pulseras, y la verdad es porque casi ni tengo, pero ahora que tengo estas gracias a un proyecto de la escuela ya puedo decir que me ENCANTA usar pulseras ,  me encanta la manera en que un poco de color en las muñecas puede levantar todo un look de una manera muy fresca!

Shoes: My Delicious Shoes -- Bracelets: Freya´s -- Dress: Similar 

Maricruz xx

October 7, 2012


These last days I am all about finding what makes me enjoy my individuality, I now that sometimes I/we dress up based on what we think it's "FINE" or "NICE" but not based in what we ENJOY wearing. And I also noticed that I need to increase my wardrobe not in the material way it's more like have stuff that I really enjoy and makes me unique like how I SEE myself in my mind, from here and after I will try my best and let myself fly and be a representation of who I am without talking that my style talks for me. 

 Blouse: Local store, Shorts: Forever21, Booties: Old Navy

Maricruz xx

October 3, 2012

"Meow Shoes"

Lovely Ones ... 

I am in total love with this pair of loafers...
I think that I don't have anything that is leopard print and I really don't know why because I right now I Love it! (subtle girls!),I just got this pair and I think that's the perfect touch for a plain look, like all black outfits. I am really enjoy this pair and I only wear them once or twice, because I don't want to ruin them call me crazy it doesn't matter xx

Shoes: Me too// (Similar here and here)

October 1, 2012

Boyfriend's Jeans, without Boyfriend

Hey there Delilah

It's kind of difficult imagine that I would wear a pair of jeans of my non existent boyfriend haha I had never tried a guy's pair of jeans but anyway I think I might look weird, I now that is very trendy now that look,but I am pretty sure that when we rock this style is with a normal girl's jean but like 2 sizes bigger haha. The loose jacket also brings another "manly" touch because it's not very structured.Anyway I am in love with this type of outfit, super simple and chic, easy to go on all day long xx


Jacket: Forever 21/ Tee: Pacsun/ Necklace: F21 / Jeans: Nautica / Booties: Local Boutique

Maricruz xx