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October 30, 2013

Eyes on You


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Maricruz xx

October 27, 2013



Jeans: Nautica // Top: H&M // Heels: Similar HERE // Necklace: Forever 21 // Clutch: Mexican souvenir 

Maricruz xx

October 24, 2013



The other day I was going trough my not too big make up 
collection I came across this little M.A.C's paint pot in "Vintage selection" it's color is very subtle I actually could't take a picture of a swatch because the color is very light it's almost just a hint of taupe with iridescent glow which looks so beautiful with just bare eyelids and tons of mascara.  

Maricruz xx

October 17, 2013

Off the wall


Without doubt burgundy is one of my favorite colors for fall and winter, and I was looking for a pair of burgundy Converse but in my hunt these Vans appeared just in the right moment, I really loved the color it's a little bit more purple-ish than the average burgundy color but that makes it even better, I can't wait to wear them, specially to tone down fancy outfits and make them a little bit cooler :)

Vans: HERE

Maricruz xx

October 14, 2013



Hello! Taking photos for this mini post felt so weird cause since my school project (the one of the last photo-shoot) I have literally no time for doing other stuff. But not anymore I'm going to try my best to put more time to my blog and also my sleep which I'm having a little bit of lack of both of them the past days. 
So since apparently fall is coming to my city I thought that it's now the time to bring the blacks and deep colors back to my outfits and actually I don't go for the all black look but I'm going to be honest I'm totally loving it! 

Maricruz xx

October 6, 2013


A la Mexicana

Hi everyone so this weekend a friend and I did a Mexican inspired photo-shoot for a school project with some younger classmates and let me tell you that pretty much everyone loved it. I know that I was a photographer for the project but I couldn't resist to take a few pics in this beautiful house.

Maricruz xx