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February 28, 2013

Kitty heels


Hello there ...  The true is that I was craving for a pair of heels like these ones, and actually I was about to buy the Jeffrey Campbell's solitaire pump, but as you can see they don't have it anymore like in whichever number, and for incredible it is I was welling to pay that, but on a magical day (like 1 week ago) I saw this pair of heels at *drums please* Forever 21 for only 28 bucks.

Maricruz xx

February 25, 2013

Milan Fashion Week. F/W 2013


Photos by: Phil Oh, #VOGUE
You can see more : here

Ciao bellas! I am loving these photos by Phil Oh, I generally really like street style pictures outside the runway type, but there is something about Milan and the beautiful snow flake effect on this pictures that  took my breath away.

Maricruz xx 

February 23, 2013



Is there something special about white nails that I wasn't informed?? because a lot of people stopped at  me and said: are you nails all white? let me see ... they look so pretty! And I was like: umm thanks they are just white,  haha but anyway I am super exited because now thanks to my new friend photobocket now I can re-size my vertical pictures to fit my blog's template which it's pretty cool.
Also I have this jacket for a log time inside my closet I don't know why but I was always neglecting this piece maybe because the fauxfur I don't know, and now I am loving it! It's like my new go-to jacket :)



February 20, 2013

You show the Lights

Cover your eyes so you don't know the secret.

I know a lot of pictures of my face sorry haha, but I have a little excuse my brother and I were a a bit bored of the typical "normal" pictures that we usually shoot, and this really happened very spontaneous we saw the light the light that was coming out from the window and boom! a quicky photo-shoot very simple and home made looking but that for me was very refreshing and cute haha.
I  hope you liked this pictures!

Lo sé lo sé, demasiadas fotos sólo mostrando mi cara haha, pero lo que pasa es que mi hermano y yo estabamos un poco aburridos del mismo tipo de foto esa muy típica, y esto la verdad fue un accidente, vimos cómo es que la luz de la ventan se refeljaba en la pared y nos pareció bastante interesante para una rápida sesión (o algo parecido).

Espero que les gusten las fotos algo un poco diferente pero con el mismo cariño de siempre!

February 16, 2013

Mal de Amores


Hi everyone so finally I am here with a new post!, the thing is that I had a stressful week (thanks high school  and no matter if I tried to do a decent post I just couldn't, and the biggest factor was because the entire week I wore super lazy outfits or I stayed all day with my uniform, but there is a good thing about it,an activity of  Literature-Class was to read a book called: "Mal de Amores" (Love-sickness or Bad Love)  and let me tell you guys that it is amazing! I am feeling very inspired by my mexican nationality and I decided to mix trendy pieces with very folklore fashion's symbols.

I am diffidently not the best at doing different types of hairstyles, I usually go for a pretty-casual hair down look, but the outfit and the entire book's inspiration demanded a braid up do.

(showing a little bit typical mexican accessories) 

Maricruz xx

February 15, 2013

You're my cup of tea.

A little bit of Love

I am so so so sorry because I haven't posted anything, so here you have a little bit of LOVE, I promise something it's going to be upload this weekend xx


February 10, 2013


I don't describe myself as a "preppy girl" but there is something about this cardigan that makes me feel like a little bit more pull together for example today I wore it very very casual but I can totally dress this cardigan up and that's always good for a clothing piece! 

Cardigan: Liz Claiborne // Pants: Charlotte Russe // Sunglasses: Steve Madden( I am thinking about buying the RayBan's Aviators!) // Accessories: Local Boutique

Maricruz xx