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September 30, 2014

Elie Saab Ss 15

Another Elie Saab show, another amazing show. Does it ever happen to you, than when you love so much something or someone, you just like everything they do? 
Because I am about to get honest, this wasn't my favorite collection of PFW neither my favorite form Saab's collections, but I love it, I think is because the respect and admiration that I have for him and his designs that I always find my self impressed with his fashion shows, and If I have the pick my favorite gown from this season collection it would be the first pastel blue dress, I mean the color is lovely and it has Saab's emblematic beaded work.

Maricruz xx 

September 26, 2014

What If?

What If

Today was an interesting day, it usually never rains in my city so we are definitely never prepare to a rainy day, but today it was an exception and it rained a lot, and I stayed at my house as the good 18 year old gal I am, during a friday night, but as I was in my room watching "Dr.House" season 1 and drinking a cup of tea ( I know, very exciting), I though what I would wear if I was actually living that rainy day. (I now it's missing the umbrella but I am pretty sure if I was outside my house I would be indoors somewhere else haha)

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September 19, 2014

Milan so far Ss15


Versace, Versace... One of my favorite Italian brands that truly embraces the essence of the Italian woman and I just think I love Donatella a little bit too much and this collection added a little bit more of love to my obsession with her and her clothes, I just love this minimalistic yet very graphic collection and the contrast between pink, white and black is just perfect! 


What I like the most about Moschino now is that you now that you're going to see something very unusual at every single runway and this time was not an exception. Jeremy Scott just transformed the catwalk into a magical barbie experience, I know it's a little bit cheesy but come on, REAL size Barbie clothes! 


If you now me or you have read my blog for a while you might now that I have an special relation with anything embroider over a transparency, and I don't usually reach for Blumarine when I want to watch Milan's fashion shows, but this time I just felt in love with this collection and I am definitely going to be checking more this brand, because right now I am hooked with the floral dress above this text. 

All images from: Vogue 

Maricruz xx

September 17, 2014

London Street Style SS15

Some people say that "street style" should have it owns runway, and I think it does and it is the biggest one and the one you actually don't need a pass to see it and it's the street, and also it has one platform a little bit bigger that it's the social media. I just love to see the outfits of the bloggers, editors, models and other amazing people that walk through the street during fashion week, and I have a special soft spot for London's streets I just love how polish everyone look there and come one who doesn't love the big red busses for background and the "English touch".

Pictures from: Vogue UK 

September 10, 2014

Badgley Mischka SS 15

After seeing this show I was like "Damn I wish this catwalk was before my prom", because I just love how refreshing these designs are, I still can take my eyes off the first dress white dress with the flowers at the bottom or the one with the peplum, I mean they look ultra sophisticated but fun and fresh at the same time and plus this was their 25 years Anniversary and what a better way of celebrating that with an unforgettable collection.

Maricruz xx  

September 5, 2014