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July 31, 2013



pants: Forever 21

Now I can said without doubt that Tlaquepaque is one of the most beautiful cities I've been before, there is something magical about it, If you ever visit Mexico or Jalisco you NEED to check Tlaquepaque you won't regret it.

Maricruz xx

July 29, 2013


Off the wall 

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I'm definitely not a "sneaker's girl" I usually prefer other type of shoes but I'm a "Paisley's lover" I really like that type of print on pretty much anything so when I saw these Vans I was like: Maybe I can give them a try. But I'm still very undecided because you know when you love something on shelf but you aren't sure about how it's going to look on you. So it's a yay or a nay ?

Maricruz xx   

July 25, 2013



Both From Tlaquepaque 

As some of you know the last week I was in Jalisco a Mexico's beautiful state with overwhelming culture and beautiful places, and one of them is Tlaquepaque a town near Guadalajara, and in Tlaquepaque you can find a LOT of typical mexican souvenirs like very distinct and classic but what I like the most are the stores where you can find the perfect mix between traditional and modern pieces like these purses specially the blue one that has a very traditional pattern with a modern leather color and  shape. So in general I'm in love with everything you can find in Tlaquepaque :) 
ps. I'm thinking about doing a haul with the souvenirs I bought there, let me know if it sounds interesting 

Como algunos de ustedes saben hace una semana estuve en Tlaquepaque uno de los lugares m'as hermosos que he visitado y me encontre con estas bolsas que me parecieron muy interesantes ya que tienen esa mezlca perfecta entre moderno y tradicional 

Maricruz xx 

July 21, 2013


Orange Punch 

Silver and Gold Bracelet: Local Boutique // Dainty Bracelet: Kuwait 

Top: Forever 21 // Shoes: Primark // Bag:Tlaquepaque-souvenir // Earrings: Forever 21 
Friendship Bracelet: Urban Outfitters 

Maricruz xx

July 17, 2013



A mini hi! So this is an amazing gallery (Rodo Padilla) and the main concept are fatties or overweight sculptures and paints, the work is very nice and hilarious!! This is one of the many galleries in Tlaquepaque :)

Sergio Bustamante 

Peppermint ice-cream 

I look super shiny here, but let's pretend that it's the "glowing" effect, please pretend with me ....

Silver Bracelet, soo cute right?

Okey the picture above obviously isn't the best of the bunch but I don't know why I like it, maybe because it was a nice moment :P

Now the proper: Hi guys! So yesterday I went to Tlaquepaque a place near to Guadalajara, and it's such a lovely place you can find a lot of typical stuff from Jalisco and a nice price, and everything it's unique and special, also here you can find mexican designer's work like professional ones, AND super cool restaurants that are a mix of traditional mexican cuisine with modern-gourmet. So I can say that it was a very nice trip specially because I went with good friends :)

Maricruz xx  

July 15, 2013


So finally I'm in Guadalajara one of Mexico's most amazing cities, and I have a lot to see here! but like always the time is the problem, but I'm going to try to see the most I can, because everything looks very interesting :)

Maricruz xx 

July 13, 2013

Streetstyle Fall 2013 Couture

I know they're various comments about the new era of street-style-rs but I also think that it's a fresh way to express fashion and it's also very  entertaining to watch! 

Maricruz xx