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August 31, 2013



Hey everyone! It's incredible that month of  August is over so that means that Fall is just around the corner which is pretty scary! I mean I'm not ready for the end of summer, anyway this month has been a back to reality call since school started and I'm okay with that I missed some how school but now that I have Ton of work, I'm not sure if I really missed school :P, anyway I'm really exited about these days when the weather is very nice not too cold not to hot, so I can still wear summer clothes with some transitional pieces :)

No puedo creer que ya se acabo este mes, eso significa que el otoño está muy cerca, pero la verdad es que no estoy lista para el final del verano. Este mes ha sido un mes que me trajo de vuelta a la realidad con la escuela no voy a mentir y decir que no extrañaba la escuela un poco (muy poquito) pero ahora con tanto trabajo que tengo por hacer no estoy segura si de verdad la extrañana :P. Estoy muy emocionada con estos días donde el clima está perfecto y podré usar ropa de verano pero con una que otra pieza más invernal :)


August 26, 2013

Rose Gold


I've been looking for a set of rings like this one for months and the reason why it is that I love to watch Lisa Eldridge's videos (She is a well known Make up Artist)  and she almost always is wearing a beautiful set of rings very similar to these ones and I love how they look, very elegant and earthy at the same time so when I saw these babies in Next a store that we don't have here in Mexico neither in USA, I did't think twice and I bought them for my mom (and for me) and I really like how the look I mean you can use them the 3 together or separated, and them being Rose Gold is a plus ;) 

Rings by NEXT

August 21, 2013

Got your Back

Red on Red

T-shirt: Forever 21 // Backpack: Tommy Hilfiger // Sandals: Target // Friendship bracelet: Urban Outfitters 

Maricruz xx

August 17, 2013


Tu Locura es mi Ciencia

Last night was a pretty good night I went to Carla Morrison's concert, she is a Mexican singer and artist and I really appreciate her music, I would describe her style like a mix between indie and little bit of pop, but it's mostly indie. And I LOVE her songs and her voice, and obviously her perfectly made lyrics  if you want to listen the her music, these are one of my favorites songs: 

This outfit is probably is a little bit out of what I usually wear but for the sake of the concert I think it worked, it's kinda bohemian so it fits with the concert :)

Top: Lovely 153 (Nordstrom's)  Skirt: Revolution Bag: Valentina

Maricruz xx

August 15, 2013

Mini by Rebecca Minkoff

Mini M.A.C & Mini 5-Zip  

I been thinking since the beginning of the year if I really want to buy a designer bag this year and I'm definitely not a "designer bag girl" some people love to have a ultra expensive handbag (or a couple of them) and some others to just distribute that money to other stuff, like me :). But I'm now thinking really serious about getting one of these babies, I mean the price is really good, the design looks fabulous, it's a very nice brand (yay! for Rebecca) and overall I like them, so maybe there is going to be a "mini" in my collection pretty soon, but MAYBE.
Which one is your favorite??

Mini 5-Zip: HERE
Mini M.A.C: HERE


August 13, 2013

Autumn Lips

Deeper shades 

Maybelline's Super Stay gloss in "Pleasing Plum"

Revlon's Super Lustrous in "Raspberry bite"  

Revlon's Super Lustrous in " Fire & Ice"

One of my favorites parts about Fall are deeper shades of lipsticks! I really enjoy wearing more daring colors in the fall-winter time I think a nice lip color can add such an interesting feel to the look, I like from deep plums to the classic red, and these are a few of my favorites shades that I will use a LOT the next months.

Una de mis partes favoritas del otoño es que se usan más los colores obscuros en los labios, me gustan los colores desde los ciruelas intensos hasta el clásico rojo, y estos son unos de mis favoritos que estoy segura que usaré bastante estos próximos meses.

Submitted to:  IFB Project #108  

Maricruz xx 

August 10, 2013




Shorts: Forever 21 // Blouse: Local Boutique // Friendship Bracelet: Tlaquepaque's souvenir 

I was thinking about the last post I made [here], about how the fashion's marketing want us the think about fall fashion and that's so clever and cool in a sick (but still cool) way , so I decided to embrace more the summer look, I would normally wear this pair of shorts with a white tee or a denim blouse something more toned down but since fall is just around the corner and I know when it starts the cold weather I'm going to miss the colorful outfits so why not to experiment a little bit more with colors now that is time :) 

Estaba pensando en el último post que hice sobre cómo es que el marketing de la moda nos hace pensar en ropa de la siguiente temporada cuando aún estamos viviendo otro clima y la verdad es algo muy inteligente ya que de verdad nos pone a pensar en algo que no necesitamos en el momento. Normalmente yo usaría estos shorts con algo más simple como una blusa blanca o de denim pero pensando en que el otoño está muy cerca y yo se que después voy a querer colores por todas partes, pensé que es bueno aprovechar el tiempo de colores ahora que se puede :)

August 8, 2013

Don't Leave me


It's only August but now you can buy the "September Issue" of pretty much every magazine and they're filled with fall fashion already, coats, jackets, boots, gloves etc. It's a little bit crazy but that's the fashion timing, I mean here where a live the weather still very hot and I should be thinking about crop tops and high waisted shorts or something very  summer-ish, but thanks to every magazine I'm craving sweaters with cool prints and leather pants, I mean I'm still enjoying summer and I have a good amount of outfits that I want to wear during the last weeks  of summer (probably 1 month for Mexico's North). Anyway although everything I'm really exited to see next Fashion week that's going to be in September showing spring stuff haha. 

August 6, 2013

Summer Shades


Maricruz xx