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January 31, 2013

First DIY - Valentine-


I used normal sugar for this step

Then I added a little heart of glittery foam 

I know that this is a little bit self explanatory and easy but I think that this little DIY ( do it yourself) it's a really nice detail like a gift to someone special or just for decoration purposes xx

Maricruz xx

January 27, 2013

Combat Girl

Olive and Gold

Happy Sunday everybody! I really wanted to wear this military inspired coat from Forever 21 that I got a couple of weeks ago and I just think that it is a really nice canvas for a lot of outfits because 3 things ( or ever more!) : the neutral color, the shape and because it's really easy to layer with it. But for today's outfit I wanted to show you the coat by itself so I went with very basic pieces like the LBD and black booties, but obviously I am going to wear this lovely coat a LOT so you can see more of it versatility.

Do you remember this post? I am loving this little bag! 

What I'm wearing: Coat: Forever 21, Bag: Valentina, Booties: Old Navy, Bracelet: Forever 21

Feliz Domingo a todos! Hace unas pocas semanas compré este abrigo-chamarra(y que aparentemente se llaman parcas) y tenía muchas ganas de usarla, me encantó porque de verdad le puedes sacar mucho de provecho ya que la puedes combinar con infinidad de prendas, pero para el post de hoy la queria enseñar en toda su gloria así solita es por eso que decidí usar un vestidito negro que nunca falla y unos botines negros. Pero obviamente voy a utilizarla mucho así que después podrán verla con otros looks!

Maricruz xx 

January 23, 2013

I Like Cats

I want you ...

I can imagine some of the looks if someone wore this sweater people might think:( she has no life, or she is really into cats) and that's why I NEED this sweater, and I just love the entire theme of sweater+black jeans
+ pointy heels it's like ultimate chic without look like you are trying too much and as always you can spice a little bit more the outfit with cool accessories xx

Ya me puedo imaginar las miradas de las personas si alguien está usando un suéter así podrían pensar ( ella de verdad no tien una vida o de verdad le gustan los gatos para traer un suéter así) y es por eso que de verdad lo quiero! pero de verdad me encanta este tipo de combinación suéter+jeans negros+tacones de punta es un look que se ve muy chic pero sin que se vea que intentas demasiado pero como con todo los accesorios le dan el toque xx!

All the piece's information: HERE! 

Maricruz xx

January 20, 2013


Last Day 

Sorry I really don't know what to do here :(, (the fitting problem of the pictures)sorry, I am working on that,So today is my last day of  my winter's vacations and I am just trying to be mentally prepared for a whole semester of hard work, on the other hand talking about my outfit I just wanted to be as comfortable as possible so I decided to go for a trusty pair of black leggings and one of my favorite's sweaters 

Maricruz xx

January 17, 2013

Valentina's bag


Hello everyone, I don't know if it is an excuse but the clime has been really cold here (And I know there are colder places out there), so an indoor post was my predictable choice, few days ago I bought this lovely bag it's a "Velentina" bag I need to say that I have never heard of this brand before, but it has a label that says that it's made in Italy and it is made of authentic leather and normally it cost between 100-150 dollars ( I bought it on sale yay!) but the main reason that caught my attention  was the amazing look of the leather the gold reflects on it look wonderful in person it truly is a new material for me and a new texture so I am sooo happy that I got it xx

So you can see that it's a pretty small bag, I can carry almost everything I need or just everything really( I always carry my cellphone in my pockets) at first I thought it was going to be very small but surprisingly it is big enough to fit a lot of stuff 

Maricruz xx 

January 13, 2013

Caught Red Handed


  My god, is freezing here in Arizona, so I decided that today was the perfect time for a cozy coat, since almost the entire outfit was pretty neutral a nice touch can be red ( the purse and the lips!) 

Purse: Target // Shoes: Baby phat// Belt: Forever 21 // Lipstick: Cover Girl "Flame"

Maricruz xx

January 11, 2013

Neon Trees

Day to Day looking Away 

love love neon

Hello everyone I hope you all having an amazing FridayNight!,right now I am in Arizona and aside I am here because of my vacations I am also here looking for information for college and I need to say that it's pretty scaring I don't know but the feel of knowing that I am just few steps away for leaving high school it's so scarring! but anyway life goes on :) 
(and let me say a little comment isn't Arizona's vegetation pretty weird? I mean in a cool way! )

Hola a todos espero que esten pasando un muuuy feliz Viernes por la noche! Estos últimos días he estado en Arizona principalemente en plan de vacaciones pero aprovechando el tiempo me fui a dar una vuelta a las opciones de College aquí en el estado y dejenme decirles que da un poco de miedo, me refiero hacerme a la idea de que estoy a punto de terminar la Prepa y tener que entrar ya a la Universidad (o college), pero bueno la vida continua tengo aun un poquito más de tiempo para ver que hago :)
 (un pequeño comentario, no les parece un poco extraña la vegetación de Arizona? haha pero de una manera muy interesante!)

Pants: Target // Sweater: Abercrombie // Booties: Old Nay // Scarf: AE // Lipstick: Revlon - Berry Rich  

Maricruz xx

January 9, 2013

Peter Pan Collar

I don't know you guys but I feel like this type of blouse or sweater with the "peter pan" collar look very childish or something like that I like it better with an edgy touch like a leather jacket, but also it look very cute by  itself I don't know I am still undecided about the trend but so FAR I like the final look of it.

Sweater: H&M / Pants: Charlotte Russe / Shoes: Me too 

Maricruz xx

January 6, 2013

Gorgeous n' last holiday day


As many of you know Victoria's Secret is having their Semi-Annual SALE and I need to say that almost everything it's with a enormous discount like for example this delicious perfume was originally 70 dlls and I got if for 17 dlls that's crazy! the main reason I got it ( beside the discount) was because the adorable and very "sexy" pink pump and I really wanted to have a perfume with that type of pump and plus it smells AMAZING!
And today it's officially the last day of holidays in Mexico and I believe that in other Latin countries because the king's day ( Dia de Reyes)so it's kind of sad because we need to say goodbye to all the Christmas decors ... Anyway I think that I am going to make my first haul post, But first I needed to show you guys this stunning bottle of perfume, so I hope see you soon :)

Maricruz xx

January 3, 2013

New Year, New Bag!

For the new cycle

Bags Information: HERE!

I am only 16 so I am not like a Bag girl (but I know that a lot of girls carry a bag) before I thought that bags are only for moms BUT now I just feel the need to have a "high end" or just a nice bag to throw all my stuff and carry all I need with me in a fashionable way, so one of my new year's goals/resolutions it's  to save money for a nice bag, I don't know how long it will take but stay tune for it! xx

Maricruz xx

January 1, 2013

Just be Good to Me


The first day of the year it´s a day of hope I think a that now it's the day when you think what do you want to do with a fresh new year, my 2012 was full of new experiences, on this year I started this blog and my daily life CHANGE a lot I think that I grow up a little bit in my personal character in a good way :), and speaking of beginnings we took this pictures in my hometown which was pretty cool!

I am wearing/  Pants: Target, Boots: JustFab, Watch: Fossil
I hope you all have an AWESOME 2013!