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August 31, 2014

Aquazurra + Olivia Palermo

If there is an "It" girl that pretty much every one loves her style is Olivia Palermo, I personaly love her always chic look and when I heard that she was going to design a shoe collection I was very excited to see the her chic vibe onto the line of shoes. And the collection didn't let me down every design resembles her style, my favorite is the one above this text, I just LOVE the crystal chain around the ankle.

August 15, 2014

Nasty Gal's Jeans

The Bell                                               The Kink                   

        All torn up Boyfriend                       Hole New Game  

  The Ex Boyfriend                     The Flip         

Lately I've been loving everything from the new collection of Nastygal! Maybe since de ultra popular book #Girl Boss came into this wonderful world, the hype of Nastygal is getting bigger and I think is totally worth it. 

And one line that particularly caught my attention was the new line of denim, which not only it's super cool and edgy you can pretty much find a pair for almost every occasion, and the thing here is that sometimes with think that denim can be kind of boring or repetitive but there are so many ways to dress up or down denim , not to mention that they come in very different designs that can look amazing from a laid back school day or even a night out.

Maricruz xx 

August 11, 2014

Back to S-Cool

August 9, 2014

The Ugly Truth

It's been almost two months since my last post here on my still existence blog, and the main reason that I stopped posting is that my camera was stolen while I was on vacations, it was pretty sad that moment and I really tried to think that a camera is only an object but my camera really meant a lot for me. 

And the other of not so happy events happened this summer that made me unable to work on the blog, which it's disappointing since one of my main desires for the summer was to really improve my blog.

During these days I was thinking about not blogging anymore even when I have another camera, but that was giving up for something that happened that was out of my hands. I still love this and with or without camera I can continue doing this.  

 Putting all of that behind, I am a believer that for everything not so good in life, better things are going to come.

Maricruz xx