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April 29, 2013

At least we have Paris.

Je t'aime 

Paris was our last stop, and like other cities around the world ( for example NY) Paris has that cliche feeling that makes everything very special, even something very colloquial like walking around town, go shopping, buy some macarons ETC. 
And I am very grateful for the opportunity of having those simple pleasures in Paris.

( This is my 100th post! cheers to Paris xx )

(freak time)

París fue nuestro último destino del viaje, y como otras ciudades ( por ejemplo NYC) París tiene ese cliché de tener algo especial que convierte una acción tan sencilla como, caminar por la ciudad, ir de compras, comprar unos macarons etc.. en algo especial.
La verdad estoy muy agradecida de poder haber vivido esas pequeñas acciones en París.

Maricruz xx

April 26, 2013

The week

Dark sunshine.

Hello everyone, this is not the end of my "Europe mini series" but I just wanted to share with you some pictures of this week, because we had the high-school week that's a week when we supposedly don't have all the schedule of classes and we have the chance to dress up every day with a different theme (like a movie character, twin day, sport day...). Also the pics where I am wearing a yellow dress, are from an event we have at my school were we nominate students for different categories such as, the happiest, the more studious, best dressed, best student, more photogenic (I was a nominated, I lost but we are all winners, no?)  etc. 

Maricruz xx

April 21, 2013

Caffeine Rush - Oxford


I know, I know I am so delayed with my "U.K" post, but the thing is that now that I am back in the real world I have so much stuff to do, but I rally want to share to you guys these photos (and more) :). ANYWAY let me tell you that Oxford is after London my favorite city of England, the two times I've been there I really enjoyed so much, the size is really good; not to big not to small, you have nice places to go shopping, ( amazing places for a cup of tea, in my case coffee) and don't forget Harry Potter's dining hall.

OKEY, now I like even more Oxford because there I drank one of the most delicious beverages I tried In my entire life! It was like coffee with raspberry-mango ice cream sooo good :) @G&D's Coffee

(happiness in a cup)

Maricruz xx

April 11, 2013

Jurassic Park (well Coast...)

Dragon Like. 

I know this don't look like a "fashion blog" post it is most like a wannabe traveler's post haha but anyway as some of you guys know I am in (was) the UK and I've lucky enough to visit amazing places and Jurassic Coast is no exception, I am amazed with the beauty of this place.


Maricruz xx

April 2, 2013


Education first?