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June 30, 2013


Just a Quick Reminder :)

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Maricruz xx

June 29, 2013

Flowers in the Back


I'm definitely not the type of person that has the "only once wear" rule and I know it kind be hard sometimes when you have like a bold piece to make it more wearable and useful in your closet, but if you like something, why not to wear it a little bit more?, here I'm using these pants in a more winter-ish look, a few months ago :P.


Definitivamente no soy de esas persona que tiene la regla de sólo usar la ropa en una ocasión, sé que aveces puede ser complicado con piezas más llamativas pero si te gusta algo, ¿Por qué no ultilizarlo mas de una vez? :)

Maricruz xx 

June 27, 2013



As some of you know Google reader is no longer going to exist in less than 3 days, so if you want to stay updated with this blog you just need to follow me via Bloglovin (link HERE), and If you already follow me via GFC you can transfer all of your Google reader feed over Blogloving just clicking HERE, and that's it, very very easy :)

So stay tuned for new content, ciao!

Maricruz xx 

June 25, 2013


  Black Shorts 

Blouse: Local Boutique //  Shorts(my new skin for summer): Forever 21 // Sunnies: Also from F21

So now that summer is here and ready to stay for a pretty long time, I was kind of sad because I thought that I could't wear my black pants anymore because of the weather but my mom told me: "You can wear black shorts in the summer" and boom we went to F21 and bought these shorts now I have my new 'no brain' go to piece for summer :)

Maricruz xx 

June 22, 2013


 Basically Random 

Similar Friendship Bracelet: HERE

Forever 21 Pants: HERE


June 19, 2013

Quickie # 2


Maricruz xx

June 18, 2013


Little Flowers  

So lately I've been living in these jeans, I really been liking the "laid back" look I think that's one of my favorites trends for summer, since a live in a very hot city (seriously it´s hot like hell) this trend fits quite nice.

Últimamente he vivido en estos jeans, la verdad me está gustando mucho ese look muy casual y ligero, definitivamente es una de mis tendenias favoritas para el verano.

Jeans: Nautica // Blouse: Hollister // Sunnies: Forever 21 

Maricruz xx 

June 15, 2013


 I Love you to the moon and back 

If you are from Mexico you probably have heard from a city called Taxco which it's a lovely place well know from doing very nice silver jewelry, a few weeks ago one my mom's friend went there and you brought me this bracelet and I really really liked I think it's a very nice dainty piece for wearing it by itself or making an arm party!  

I actually did my nails this time and I think it looks pretty decent specially knowing how easy it was.

Little arm party 

Maricruz xx

June 13, 2013

The Olsen Twins

Mary-Kate & Ashley 

Happy Birthday to the Olsen twins! I just love love to see these girls around I mean on t.v, a movie, at a red carpet, at the cover of a magazine endless etc, I really adore their look, for me they are truly fashion icons for example a boho inspired look wouldn't be complete without a little bit of inspiration courtesy of MK&A, and also they were rocking the world since they were practically babies I really enjoy watching their late 90's and early 2000's movies, I am addicted to the always classic "Passport to Paris", and that's why I really want to see a new movie with them, but if that doesn't happen I'm glad that I can see them at every red carpet. Anyway happy 27th Birthday to MK&A Olsen <3

Maricruz xx  

June 12, 2013



I hadn't planed to post something today but yesterday I went to a music recital and my mom took my these  improvised pictures (thanks mom)! The pink blouse I wore yesterday I bought in the U.K at Primark and it's a little bit to big for me because I confused the sizing there, so I need to tuck it in so it looks better  :)

Necklace: Next // Pink blouse: Primark // Denim shirt: Forever 21 // Heels: Forever 21


June 10, 2013

The Glasses - Firmoo

See me clearly 

Hello, so I have a confession to do: I am almost blind, really I NEED glasses to live, but I usually wear contact lenses every single day. A few months ago Firmoo contacted me to choose a pair of glasses they have a selection of  sunglasses and normal glasses and I decided to picked a pair of glasses with my graduation, and overall I really like them, they are very nice quality and well made.

Glasses: Firmoo // Jeans: Nautica // Shoes: Forever 21