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January 31, 2014


One of my new year's resolutions is the post at least 12 entries per month and this month and I barely made it to 12 and I hope that this resolution continue all year.
And now to the look I really wanted an easy going outfit for the weekend specially since the weather here finally it's getting colder

January 28, 2014

New in: Dainty Earrings

I know, too much pictures of my hands (or my  nails), but the thing is that since school started yesterday I remembered how it was to live the real and ordinary life with no time enough for outfits photos, BUT I promise that there will be ;)
Anyway I recently got some pairs of really nice and dainty earrings (and other jewelry pieces, but mostly earrings) from a mexican brand called Maktub, and let me tell you that they're really nice and well made, and not to mention very beautiful, so I think that you'll see them in the next posts! xx  

January 24, 2014


Since my mom left me to paint my nails I've been a nail enthusiast, and I want to make clear that just enthusiast cause I'm not very good, I consider myself as a "pretty good" nail's designer, but thank God that the internet can show you the easiest way to do everything! 
Do you like this kind of mini nail post? Let me know :) 

Here is the video (Thanks Fiona!)  that shows you the steps: VIDEO

January 22, 2014

Elie Saab Couture Spring/14

Elie Saab is definitely one of my all time favorite designers, I just love every single collection that he makes and it's mainly because all his collections have the same spirit of an ethereal and feminine woman. Every time I watch a Saab's  runway show I want one of his dresses for my prom, my wedding (Even though I don't know if I want to get marry, but I'm pretty sure that I wan an Elie Saab gown) and for a red carpet event... A girl can dream. 

January 20, 2014


I need to confess that I have become a total fan of the pastels colors, I usually don't gravitate toward these kind of colors and they've been around for a little know but now it's the time that I can really say that the pastels aren't just for toddlers.

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January 14, 2014

Short Story


I know it'a a little bit late for New Year's resolutions/statements but lately I've been feeling a kinda bored with my hair, I have had the same hairstyle for a year, the only difference is that's getting longer, but don'r get my wrong I really like my ombre, BUT I think that's time to cut it off, however I still feel the need to have some lighter color, so I'm still undecided about my hair, but one thing is sure: It's getting shorter! 

Maricruz xx 

January 12, 2014


Last month I went to a really nice party and I wore this dress and had a much better  make up and hairstyle, but the problem was that I didn't have time to take some photos but I really liked this dress that I wanted to share it here and this is my attempt of the look  :) 

January 10, 2014


So this beautiful coat was my gift from my Secret Santa(thanks Paola), and I wasn't able to wear it before thanks to the lovely and warm mexican weather, but right now it's a good time to bring out the coats 
I was wearing:
Coat: Forever 21 / Leggings: Local Boutique / Boots: JustFab / Purse: Vintage

January 8, 2014


It's already January 8th but I still feel like we're in the last year, probably cause all the Christmas's light that are all over the town but I need to get over that and focus on the 2014 new projects, I'm not going to lie and don't say it's a little bit overwhelming going back to reality and trying to do more about this year than the last one, but it's going to be so worth it :) 

January 4, 2014

Time to invest

What can you do with your money after the holidays? Maybe you want to buy a bunch of stuff or invest your money in something really nice or if you're a little bit stingy you may want to save it for the future. BUT since it's "Santa's money" don't feel guilty if you want to treat yourself

January 1, 2014

Thanks 2013!

This was a very interesting year for me, full of  experiences some of them great and others not so good but with a lot of learning. I was very lucky to have visited for the second time the U.K and for the first time France making one of my little cliché dreams came true: "The first thing that I'm going to do when I get to Paris: buy the lates Vogue issue" (Haha I know it's a little bit silly) I also traveled to Guadalajara a city full of Mexican culture and history, which I am very proud and also is always good to learn more about my country. I had the amazing opportunity to meet and made new friends and challenged my self for new projects. And I'm really happy for having this blog as my journal and thank you for all of the all support and the love!

Bring it on 2014!

Maricruz xx