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August 31, 2012

"Dreams of you"

It's finally Friday an the end of another month of 2012, how fast huh!!. So it may sound weird but I have been dreaming kind of nice I don't know exactly but in my dre
am I saw me very happy with some one hahah it's not my kind of stuff iuuk but maybe my subconscious it's trying to say me something.
But for now I am going out to eat Sushi, the special one must wait haha.

Anyway, talking about the outfit, I really enjoy paring jeans it is very cool an easy but also I think a good pair of jeans it's ultimate chic
Blouse: forever 21 // Jeans: Paris Blues // Nails: China Glaze ( Turned up Turquoise )

Maricruz xx

August 28, 2012

"Scarf n' Stuff"

First of all these it's my FAVORITE scarf I just love it, it makes an outfit dress up or dress down, it's like very old probably I have it 2 years ago, but I used sooo much cause I love it 
Hello Everyone (again haha)! So this and the next week are going to be my first exams of the school year, yeap very quickly it really makes me sad, but well, So I am going to be studyng and preparing for my exams ahhh! very stressful , but life must go on! 

Hola a todos, esá semana y la que sigue estare en examenes, si es muuuy rápido pero bueno, así que estare estudiando y preparandome para ello, soy muy competitiva y quiero mejorar mis calificaciones asi que a darle! ahh que estres, pero la vida tiene que continuar !

And actually today I went with my brother for smoothies at a very cool place, a little bit of release 

(Funny face haha, I was joking with my brother and his cap )
Leggings: Vera Wang
Flats: Nine West 
T-Shirt: Gap
Scarf: Forever 21
Bag: Forever 21
Bracelets: CR, Beach's one


August 22, 2012


Hello everybody, so today's I really wanted to do something a little bit more especial so I went to a university of my town and I search for a background like these one to take the photos of my OOTD :)

While I was on the Campus I did notice that pretty much everyone it's like super busy and running and tired haha and I was like: Oh is that's what I expected! 

Haha funny face! I really like the blouse it's very fresh, and also the shape it's very clean and simlple, and I am in love with anything orange

Hola! a todos para el post de hoy quise hace algo diferente salir de los lugares en donde tomó las fotos y fuí a un Campus Universitario de mi ciudad y busqué una pared así como está , con ramas y asi y la encontre :)!

Blouse: Forever 21// Wedges: Charlotte Rousse// Pearl bracelet: CR

Me gusta mucho esta blusa no se hay algo en ella que da frescura, es el estampado o el corte simple, no lo se me encanta! aparta ando traumda con lo que sea anaranjado!

Maricruz xx

August 19, 2012

"Quickie- Eiffel tower Sweater"

Red, White n' Blue

Hello! so today's post it's a quickie, I was looking into my closet I saw my Eiffel tower sweater and instantly I grab it and wear it.
And also I was inspired by the theme of the sweater to paint my nails with a bright red!

This sweater bring me good memories, because I wear it when I was on London for the first time and I took a picture in the Big Ben and I don't why but it looks very funny and contradictory haha love that photo
//Sweater: Forever 21 // Watch: Liz Claiborne 
Hola! Hoy en la mañana cuando me levante y ví que iba a poner, vi mi sueter con la torre Eiffel y de inmediato me la puse, y me inspire con el tema del sueter y pinte mis uñas de un color rojo vibrante



August 6, 2012

"Near to the sun"


It's been a long time since I came around (haha)well that's true and I felt just so  horrible!
Last weekend I went to a sort of forest with pools ( with no internet) and I was super worried because I didn't post in a while,and in the morning I was thinking maybe not doing an OFTD because the Sun HIT ME so bad on the checks and specially on the back, it hurts so so so much, but I am kind of needy to write and share what is on my mind ( and obviously the clothes) to you guys :)  

AND, the jeans for all summer long I have been craving for color jeans but there was always a flaw ( color, texture, size, Price $ ) until I found these ones at JCpenny 

Hace ya bastante tiempo que no he publicado absolutamente nada, y me he sentido fatal al respecto!
El fin de semana pasado fui a algo asi como un bosque con albercas y me di una quemada con el Sol horrible, talvez no se ve mucho en cámara , incluse en la Mañana pense en no publicar , pero las ganas me ganaron y aqui estaaa!

This sunglasses are perfect to cover the redness of the sunburn around my eye are, I didn't wear make up it all because I don't want to touch too much my face

First pair of Aviators ( Steve Madden, and got the for only 10 bucks!!) 

Pants: Arizona for JCPenny 
Shirt: Aero
Wedges: ZIA
Sunnies: Steve Madden
Bag:Forever 21 
M Bracelet: I don't know :)
Bead Bracelet: Local boutique 

Los quiero!

Maricruz xx

August 1, 2012

"Two tablespoon of Sugar"

5'O Clock

I don't know you guys but I am a big fan of Tea, and with this outfit for me it's seems kind of a "tea look" I really don't know exactly why maybe because of the flowers or the soft contrast haha, any way enjoy it!

The dress is for Primark and to be honest I bought it without tried it on, and by itself I REALLY don't like it all, but with something loose on top looks so much better

Photos by: R.Daniel 

---Make up---

Labello lip-gloss it's perfect for a super natural sheen , and Maybelline's (Caffeine rush) eye palette for me works a little bit tricky it's really good for highlight and add color but no for define :) 

Dress: Primark
Sweater: Old Navy
Hat: Nine West
Necklace: Forever 21

Maricruz xx