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September 30, 2013



September 27, 2013


De la Sierra Morena

September is the most patriotic month of the year here in Mexico and what a better way to celebrate it daily with a very mexican clutch! This one is from Mexico City (D.F) a friend brought it for me a couple days ago and she bought it when she was there, and as you can see it has a medium length so I been using it as a clutch or like a wallet for school :) 

Maricruz xx

September 25, 2013



So leaves are actually falling I can't wait for the cold weather!

I had worn this t-shirt around summer long but I this is the first time I'm making a post like actually wearing it, I think that there is something really cool about the flamingos but the galaxy print takes it to another level.

T-shirt: Forever 21 (old) Jeans: Also from forever 21 HERE


September 23, 2013


Hello Again.

So the last Saturday I was in the lovely city of Sand Diego for a school's trip and we visited de USS Midway museum which was an interesting experience and also I learned a lot ! And in general it was a very nice day : friends, good food, a beautiful landscape and an awesome weather.

Maricruz xx

September 18, 2013


White + Blue.

Hola! What do you think about the vertical pictures, it's a yay or a nay? haha anyway me as a teenager must of the time I see myself wearing skinny jeans (or any kind of almost skinny jeans ) most of the time, ignoring the wonderful variety of jeans that exists which is a shame so in my first attempt to try out the "flare jeans" I tried an easy look: white t-shirt+blue jeans. 

Jeans: Calvin Klein  

Maricruz xx

September 16, 2013


 Girly stuff

I'm that kind of person that likes to have everything in place but never can't keep it for a long time, so since I decided to organize my vanity (that is really the top of the furnishing where I put some of my shoes)  in a more visual-stylized way I know that it's pretty basic but what I like the most is that now I can have my jewelry which is inside the mirrored case and my perfumes and other stuff more handy :)

Maricruz xx

September 13, 2013

Best of NYFW according to Harper's Bazaar




Links: HERE

Maricruz xx

September 9, 2013

West Coast

Let's go to the beach.

Finally I'm part of the "Skort trend" I had it for a while and I really don't know why until now I used it for the first time in San Diego, I love the West Coast there is something very special about the beach's sunsets and the magical breeze :)

Blouse: Forever 21 // Skort: Sheinside // Sandals: Target // Friendship B: Urban Outfitters// Silver B: Taxco 
Maricruz xx

September 6, 2013



Hola! The last days the weather where a I live has been a little crazy , like rain and a lot of wind which it's kinda strange cause I like pretty much like in a desert(like for real) so that's why the lack of posts, I mean the other day I was getting ready with a complete summer look with everything even sunglasses and as soon I step out of the door it stared to rain :( But anyway now that I take more seriously the guy from the weather channel I'm going to be more prepare! 

Maricruz xx

September 3, 2013

The midi Skirt

The new length 

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