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August 8, 2013

Don't Leave me


It's only August but now you can buy the "September Issue" of pretty much every magazine and they're filled with fall fashion already, coats, jackets, boots, gloves etc. It's a little bit crazy but that's the fashion timing, I mean here where a live the weather still very hot and I should be thinking about crop tops and high waisted shorts or something very  summer-ish, but thanks to every magazine I'm craving sweaters with cool prints and leather pants, I mean I'm still enjoying summer and I have a good amount of outfits that I want to wear during the last weeks  of summer (probably 1 month for Mexico's North). Anyway although everything I'm really exited to see next Fashion week that's going to be in September showing spring stuff haha. 


  1. You're lucky that it's still hot where you live! It's felt like Fall lately. I miss the hot summer heat :(

    I like your hair in this picture. You look pretty :)

    xo Azu

  2. Its rainy season now in my country. Hehe.

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  3. I am starting to crave sweaters too. I am really feeling the fall season roll in.

  4. nice pic!

  5. It's mad isn't it! Even worse in late winter when they start showing all of the spring lines and it's still far too cold to wear them!

    Helen at "Hels Yeah" xx

  6. I love your blog :)))

  7. Lovely photo!

  8. I know, that's crazy isn't it? It's their marketing strategy... to get us thinking about things that we don't need yet months ahead of time. How clever! The anticipation makes us want to buy it even more! hehe. You look lovely, glad I found your blog today!