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May 3, 2014

Kayture Tips

Hello everyone, sorry for the lacking of outfit post but I'm planning to upload one next week :)
 Any way yesterday I watched an unhealthy amount of beauty and fashion youtube videos and I came across with this video of the Lovely Kristina Bazan from Kayture, I love how genuine the word of Kristina were and in the place that she is in the Fashion Blog world she knows about she is speaking. 
 The questions that are features are:
 1. Tips and tricks to be fashionable with a low budget.
 2. Lifestyle advice
 3. How does it feel to meet some of the industry's biggest names and how did they inspire you?
 4. Who are your style icons? 
5. I would like to work in the fashion industry, what jobs could I look for? 

And the answer that really impressed my was the number one because I don't know for you but for me Kristina is one of the blogger that has a really luxurious way of dressing and hearing from her some of her experiences with low budged fashion caught my attention. 

 And also her tips on working in the fashion industry are very handy to know.


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