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August 15, 2014

Nasty Gal's Jeans

The Bell                                               The Kink                   

        All torn up Boyfriend                       Hole New Game  

  The Ex Boyfriend                     The Flip         

Lately I've been loving everything from the new collection of Nastygal! Maybe since de ultra popular book #Girl Boss came into this wonderful world, the hype of Nastygal is getting bigger and I think is totally worth it. 

And one line that particularly caught my attention was the new line of denim, which not only it's super cool and edgy you can pretty much find a pair for almost every occasion, and the thing here is that sometimes with think that denim can be kind of boring or repetitive but there are so many ways to dress up or down denim , not to mention that they come in very different designs that can look amazing from a laid back school day or even a night out.

Maricruz xx 


  1. Oh wow, loving all of the pieces. xx


  2. Great collection! Loving the idea of the "ex-boyfriend" jean- loose and distressed! Hope you're having a great weekend, Maricruz :)


  3. I love their denim selection! I bought my fav pair of cutoffs from there and those things pertty much never come off :)

    xoxo Alison

  4. Loving it… awesome denim selection
    See you soon!