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August 31, 2014

Aquazurra + Olivia Palermo

If there is an "It" girl that pretty much every one loves her style is Olivia Palermo, I personaly love her always chic look and when I heard that she was going to design a shoe collection I was very excited to see the her chic vibe onto the line of shoes. And the collection didn't let me down every design resembles her style, my favorite is the one above this text, I just LOVE the crystal chain around the ankle.


  1. Wow that's a fabulous collection,i want every single pair of these shoes but especially the black thigh high boots,they're awesome

  2. That sandals that Olivia wear is just fab! Love the collections here... they are great indeed!

  3. Everything Olivia touches turns to gold - these shoes are amazing. xx


  4. She's gorgeous! What an elegant collection :)


  5. Nice shoes! I wish they were cheaper! haha

    xo T.